Unsolicited bulk email marketing

Unsolicited bulk email marketing
Unsolicited bulk email (UBE) is also known as email spam or junk email. Unsolicited bulk email marketing involves sending same or nearly identical messages to several recipients by email without their permission.

Problems of unsolicited bulk email
Unsolicited bulk email transfers almost all the costs of the email message onto the recipients as well as on their Destination Operators. Many senders of unsolicited bulk email use strategies which are trickyand probably illegal so as to reduce the cost to the sender or even to hide the true identity of the sender. As an alternative, the email costs of UBE are transferred from the actual sender to the receiver and their Destination operator. Hence, the recipients are affected by unsolicited bulk email. Also, UBE demands low cost on the sender and the real costs on the recipients and their Destination Operators.

Is unsolicited bulk email still a spam?
Sending unsolicited bulk email without permission can make you receive accusations of spam. However, new tools and techniques in email marketing permits you to send unsolicited bulk email without fear of receiving allegations of spam, in return.

Some customers who receive such unsolicited bulk email can think of complaining. Hence, it is important to refine your communications and messages with highly relevant information, when making unsolicited bulk email marketing.

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